We make advertising your business simple.

We're local & we're driven to deliver.

We work with businesses to save you time and money, protect your bottom line and most importantly, deliver powerful results.


you time & Money

Gain direction, guidance and reassurance for your advertising calendar, while saving time in the process. As your advertising experts, Townsville Advertising handles all negotiations on your behalf (with your support if required), leaving you free to focus on what you do best.


your bottom line

It’s sometimes hard to separate your business from emotions, so Townsville Advertising ensures you’re making the best decisions every time.

We eliminate the need for impulse decisions or short-notice pivots to strategy, acting as your sounding board to navigate you across all your advertising needs. Protect your business from on-the-spot costly advertising decisions and stay on track with the support of our team.


powerful results

Our mission is to deliver you results and keep your business on the front line. Townsville Advertising offers competitive solutions with fantastic rates, in addition to our strong relationships with local media outlets. Work with us to get the results you need, within a budget that suits your business, wherever you’re at in your business journey.

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