Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising & Setup

A targeted and adaptive social media strategy is crucial to keeping your business relevant and connecting to your customers.

Any business that is slow to embrace social media will pay the price down the track, especially as social media is widely accepted as the place to go for advertising and marketing your business.

Townsville Advertising will work with you to not only set you up on the right social media platforms, but create a social media strategy to fit your business and budget.


Unlock the full potential of your business in Townsville with Townsville Advertising’s expert Facebook marketing solutions. Our tailored strategies are designed to elevate your brand’s online presence and drive tangible results.

Harness the power of Facebook’s diverse advertising platforms, including posts, stories, and lead generation, to connect with your target market effectively. Our seasoned media and marketing professionals craft personalized campaigns that speak directly to your ideal audience, ensuring maximum ROI for your business.

With Townsville Advertising, creativity knows no bounds. We handle all artwork creation to ensure your online content is not just visually stunning but also captivating, drawing attention to your brand and encouraging audience engagement.

From boosting brand awareness to driving clicks and sales, our campaigns are geared towards achieving your business goals. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your Facebook presence and take your business to new heights in Townsville.

Contact Townsville Advertising today to kickstart your journey towards success with Facebook marketing.

Monthly Pricing Starts from $550 + gst per Month
(inc $150 Adcredit)


Elevate your business in Townsville with Instagram advertising from Townsville Advertising. Reach more customers and watch your business thrive on this popular platform.

We offer simplified Instagram advertising solutions, including posts, ads, and Instagram Shop, all with inclusive artwork creation—no hidden fees.

Our team specializes in crafting creative campaigns to effectively target your audience, ensuring your brand stands out amidst the vast Instagram community.

With engaged users actively seeking out products and brands, a successful Instagram campaign can significantly boost your business. Let us help you generate leads, drive sales, and build brand awareness.

Explore the power of Instagram Reels and Instagram Shop to enhance your advertising strategy. Showcase your products and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Partner with Townsville Advertising for expert guidance and support in maximizing your Instagram ads. We’ll tailor a strategy to meet your unique business needs and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Take control of your digital marketing journey with Townsville Advertising—let’s grow your business together.

Monthly Pricing Starts from $550 + gst per Month
(inc $150 Adcredit)

Tik Tok

Fast-paced and seeing high growth for account owners, Tik Tok offers in-feed video advertising options for dynamic engagement to connect with customers while they scroll.

With Townsville Advertising supporting your Tik Tok strategy, the sky’s the limit for creativity – jump on trending songs and hashtags, challenges and filters, and create content that delights your customers and brings an authentic connection and engagement through this fast-paced platform

Pricing starts from $250 per month


Formerly just about business networking and finding a new job, LinkedIn is expanding and an ideal place for businesses to share about their growth, news, founder and employee profiles and comment and engage with fellow businesses.

Connect with Townsville Advertising and we’ll create a platform-appropriate LinkedIn Ads strategy to generate traffic, start conversations and have your business seen on a respected professional social media platform.